Overlooking the phenomenal views of the bay and harbour, the surrounding mountains and northern valleys, the splendour that Hout Bay has to offer is endless.

Welcome to paradise. Here you‘ve got it all. The Atlantic Ocean on the one side, mountains on the other side – to be exact, it’s the southerly extension of  the Constantia Berg (593m high). When you’re in paradise, you surely have to take a look around.

Stop your car and get your camera ready for a  sweeping 180° view. Burn this postcard picture in your mind. No matter how  many times you’ve seen Chapman’s Peak Drive in movies and adverts,  it’s something that you simply have to experience first hand. It’s one of those  moments in life where you just feel that ‘life is good’?

Only 20 minutes away from Cape Town, Hout Bay maintains an almost rural, neighbourhood culture to complement it’s natural beauty. Perfectly located to become a new landmark, Sacha takes advantage of the potential along this strip on Main Road. It incorporates many aspects which add value to the neighbourhood and could function as a catalyst for future development.

Exuding luxury, each apartment offers a spectacular view over the valley to the north, Little Lions Head to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean and the bay to the South West.

What’s in a name?

Ricky Fertig, the developer, has been intimately involved with the design and development of this project. Ricky chose to pay homage to his late brother, Sacha by naming this beautiful building after him.

In remembrance of Sacha Fertig – 5 June 1974 – 4 October 1996

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