Sacha consists of 16 exclusive apartments with a public section at the bottom for people to use interactively. To accommodate parking, the building is raised two stories above ground level, creating a shared podium level with a pool and deck – inviting residents to mingle, bask in the sun and embracing the marvellous view. Additionally, the top serves as a communal and luscious roof terrace. There are barbecue facilities, al fresco dining in complete serenity and comfort.

However the luxury doesn’t stop there, in fact, Sacha’s best design features are its design interiors.


“Every aspect of the design has received the utmost care and attention to detail. Visual and tactile experience has been considered. Soft, sensual lines of the bulkheads, reminiscent of the Scandinavian theme, contrast the robust, exposed concrete finishes. This is complemented by the warmth of natural timber to provide an overall sense of comfort and style.” 


What are the benefits of modern design?


“The Modern floor plan – which architects have faithfully incorporated ever since Frank Lloyd Wright first introduced it in the early 20th century – frees rooms from doorways, allowing the life of the house to merge into one, airy, vibrant space. Modern homes bring people together – what’s cold about that?” – ArchDaily

1. Light – Sacha’s design incorporates lots of glass, either via large windows or glass doors. This new approach to light engulfs the home with natural light, emphasizing views, and making it all that easier to enjoy the outdoors.

2. The kitchen – moving the kitchen into an open space allows for it to become an integral, and enjoyable part of your daily routine. Open spaces allow for creativity to flow better, which in turns means better meals and more happiness.


kitchen sacha


3. Space – modern design makes it very hard for a place to feel cramped and crowded. Space intrinsically allows for a better state of mind.


4. Personality – the open-plan design allows for your imagination to run free and apply various elements in the apartment, without them looking mismatched, or out of place. Not only, but space and bold lines will emphasise that piece of art on your wall, quite like no other design out there.



5. Flexibility – the relative simplicity allows for furniture to be adjusted and re-adjusted as you see fit.



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