“Infrastructure is probably the single most important need for Africa to develop.”


South Africa’s infrastructure is one of the best in the continent. It is, in fact, infrastructural development that has allowed medical services to grow, for trade to expand, for tourism to amplify and for the economy to sustain.


Development physically creates a space that provides security and employment.


Moreover, ranging from the buyers to the sellers, to the consumers to the maintenance workers, to the fixed good expenditure, an inhabited structure requires cash flow- and cash flow creates opportunities.


It is important to see a building not as a single, isolated element of an area, but as an integrative part of the community: a development is much more than just material and design – especially a high-end one – adds economic value to its surroundings. It can shift the whole perception of an area in more than one positive way.


Infrastructural developments of high standard and class can transform the way we live.


sacha 2019


The architecture seeks to pay respect to the natural beauty of the site, luxuriously. The design is sleek yet bold – it is modern and transitional. The material palette of concrete, timber, cast iron and glass creates an elegant feel, with some of best views in the whole bay.

North facing there is the beautiful valley, little Lion’s Head to the West and an ocean South West – Sacha offers a 360 degrees sensory experience.

Sacha is made up of 16 exclusive apartments with a public and commercial section on the ground floor. That space will offer a small retail opportunity. On top of that, there is a communal podium for all residents to enjoy. The wooden deck, glass pool, and the-surrounding-spectacular-views make up for the perfect mingle & bask in the sun cocktail for ultimate residential comfort.

Sacha offers two two-bedroom, three one-bedroom, and ten three-bedroom units, as well as a spectacular penthouse suite.

Every unit was designed around the principle of balance – it was crucial for our architects and designers, to maintain a sense of practicality whilst offering aesthetics, both external and internal, that would fit the natural, yet up-class look of the town.

The spatial planning allows for different layouts and feels to accommodate all tastes. All bedrooms offer en-suite bathrooms, all units have at least two parking bays, optic-fiber, DSTV and temperature control systems. Other perks include a concierge at the front desk, an outdoor shower, a bicycle garage and a garden section for those who want to grow their own flowers and herbs at home.

Every single aspect of the design and construction was thought-out with the utmost care and attention to detail, to indulge all five senses: the soft, sensual lines of the bulkheads reminiscing of a nautical setup, in contrast to the robust, concrete finishes, offer once again, a sense of balance.


sacha 2019


The true potential of this site was evident the first time we laid eyes on it. Nestled in the Milkwood forest – the ‘Grootbos’- this site is the perfect setting for a serene and comfortable refuge. It has https://sacha.capetown/the-chapmans-peak-drive-story/phenomenal views of the bay and historic harbour. It is surrounded by mountains and valleys – capturing a glimpse of the splendour Hout Bay offers. On top of it all, the site is protected by the Karbonkelberg Mountain, which impedes the famous southeastern winds to ever blow at full force.

The cherry on top? It lays at the beginning of one of the most scenic drives in the entire world – Chapman’s Peak.

Only twenty minutes from the city center of Cape Town, Hout Bay is a neighborhood unique to itself. It’s architectural and cultural diversity somehow maintains, and complements the just as varied natural and scenic diversity.

Perfectly located to become a new landmark, Sacha takes advantage of the potential along this strip at the end of the Main Road – or beginning of Chapman’s Peak Drive.


Sacha incorporates many aspects that not only add value to the neighborhood but could as a catalyst for future developments.















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